'Oh Sarah Sarah Sarah! What an all out amazing and magical experience in my session with you, I should have done it years ago. The most speedy and effective release that I have ever experienced. To clear lifetimes of blocks, hurts and beliefs in just one hour and come out feeling, and continuing to feel, so empowered is nothing short of a miraculous. Not only that, I have been struggling with trying every protection ritual and feeling as if nothing was fully giving me the protection that I needed and there you are with a suggestion that I have been searching for and longing for, personalized just for my needs and I have never felt so safe and protected.

You are a blessing and a gift to us all. I am thankful for you and gracious to the universe for leading me to you. I love the Sanctuary and all of its wisdom and healing and just when I think it couldn't be better, you add a video or another amazing group call. And then I also realise they can be even more targeted and personalized by having a one to one session with you, the icing on the cake. Thank you thank you thank you. You have changed my life for I have never felt so light, safe, loved free and empowered.'

Jennifer Work Dornself, USA - Earth Angel Sanctuary/Soul Circle Member

'I can't express enough how much my Breakthrough Session with Sarah has helped me. I was carrying around so much baggage internally and with one session so much was lifted and I literally feel lighter and so excited about life. Instead of looking to the future I am now enjoying the now, it's a wonderful feeling.

I only wish I had found Sarah sooner, it would have saved me so much in emotional and financial terms, where I was trying to eat / shop my way through the issues I had instead of confronting them and then leaving them behind. I never imagined I would feel as good as this in such a short amount of time. Many thanks Sarah, what an amazing energy you have, such a gift, you've helped me on so many levels xxx'

Catherine Smith, Ireland

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'I had a 1-to-1 session with Sarah Rebecca Vine not too long ago, to help me release some past life vows as well as an ancestral block. Sarah was able to helped me release the vows so that they no longer affect me in my day-to-day life. Which is such a relief! Also, Sarah helped me to remove the ancestral block. I find Sarah Rebecca Vine a very skilled Healer, highly intuitive and helpful. I highly recommend her services!'

Camilla Petersen, Norway

'FOR 10 YEARS I SUFFERED SEVERE PTSD. I worked as an advanced Paramedic over time I was hit with PTSD, retired on medical grounds and felt awful... hundreds of flash backs every single day, night terrors and would have been happy to take my life. I was treated by one of the UK's most amazing psychiatrist who advises the Armed forces. I saw her every other week for around 5 years, experienced most treatments including EMDR and physiotherapy. It helped a lot but was exhausting and at least 60% remained.

Today I had a one 2 one with Sarah Vine, the first time I had asked for Divine healing and wow did Sarah deliver. With each main negative emotion being recognised and cleared it left me feeling back in the land of the living, it took an hour and was worth all the emotions that were released and I can't thank her enough. Unless you have had severe PTSD you can only imagine the pain, guilt, confusion and shock of seeing and smelling those events that haunt you, for me today, a miracle happened, thank you, thank you, thank you.'

James Paddon, UK

Sandi Lipowski, US

'Sarah works very quickly and intuitively gets to the heart of the matter to remove whatever blocks are ready to be removed. She can look into where the healing is needed on all sorts of levels, eg past lives, ancestral etc. In my last session, I was able to release a past life vow which was holding me back in this life. This powerful healing is done in a very gentle way, as well as being interlaced with her excellent down-to-earth advice which is always welcome! Afterwards, I felt immediately lighter and now feel as though I can live my life as I am supposed to be living it. These sessions are truly transformational and I thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much Sarah.'

Louise Whorwell

'I have contacted Sarah at a time when I needed to move forward with my career but something was stopping me making the jump. The breakthrough session has been so powerful to me and by using her intuition and wonderful techniques Sarah hugely helped me to remove my inner obstacles.

The very next day, I felt so much lighter and positive as if I could handle everything and was ready for my next step. While before I would have tensions in my throat (communication chakra center) by thinking of my next move, the following day of my session I felt so serene and also tensions free!

It is such a worthwhile investment. I am not the richest girl in the world that is for sure but I made a commitment to myself to do something about my inner obstacles and my intuition in working with Sarah has proved me right. I am definitely considering to work with Sarah in the future to help me with my goals and making sure that I am fulfilling my life at my best potential.

I have recognized that by having the help of someone qualified and sharing the same beliefs is important to me and I wish Sarah all my best. Her work is very honorable and I am very grateful to have crossed her path. Love and light Steph xxx'

Stephanie Langevin, Leeds, UK

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'Working in the Angelic field I had personally hit a brick wall myself and needed fresh eyes to look at my own limitations. Connecting with Sarah gave me instant relief as she clearly knows her field of healing. Her session was instrumental to allowing my life to move forward once more and wow has it done just that!!!

Highly recommend this lady and her gift for anyone searching for vibrational change enabling life to flow as it should. She has certainly helped me to connect the dots and put my whole picture together. Grateful thanks and blessings for your wonderful work.'

Angela Raasch, Herefordshire, UK
Author of 'Healing Workshop: A Manual Blessed by Angels' and Angelic Request Therapist

'Prior to working with Sarah I had all of the characteristics of an Earth Angel. I had been told by many for several years that I was a light worker and an Earth Angel. I had been working with the angels and receiving their messages and support for some time. However, my human brain just didn't want to believe any of it... My sorrow and pain was increasing and I started to feel even more isolated and drained.

One night after praying to the angels for their support and guidance I was divinely guided to Sarah and her website. As soon as I arrived it was such a beautiful feeling, like I had come home and all was going to be alright. I finally felt like all this was true and that I wasn't alone. At this time I knew I had a lot of old pain (past life and this life), trauma, and negative energy in my energetic field that needed to be released. It was truly divine timing because Sarah was getting ready to lead her Healer, Heal Thyself program. It was a definite "Yes" for me and I have never looked back. This program was so amazing!!! Sarah's guidance, love, support, intuitiveness and attunements were so relevant to me and have had such impact on me. I continue to listen to them over and over as they continue to shift all that doesn't serve me. I have worked with Sarah for the last year in her Discovery 1:on:1 sessions and it has definitely changed my life on both a personal and professional level.

I am now confident and empowered to do the work I was put here to do as an Earth Angel, thanks to her laser coaching, love and support. She is the most beautiful leader for us Angels here on planet earth at this time. I feel so eternally blessed that I found her that night and I know without a shadow of a doubt it was all meant to be...

Melissa Gabrielle Schooling, Vancouver, BC - www.bebeautifulnow.net

'I am so grateful that the Universe aligned me with you Sarah! I saw a change from the first day, which began with a great sign from my angels! Moving forth, I have so much more trust in myself and what I am here to do on this planet. I am actively helping people and it feels amazing.

More importantly, Sarah helped me to replenish my own energy instead of letting everyone else deplete it. This was something that used to happen to me frequently and now it is the most amazing feeling at times I feel like I have an abundance of energy to share with the world. I am excited to see what other new changes come my way!

I have always been a positive person, however, the past week my energy has been higher than ever and my vibration feels so positive! At the times that were not, Sarah's helpful techniques helped me to get there. Everyday I listen to the morning meditation and I am on my way to have a fun amazing day!
Thank you!!! I can''t wait until we speak again!! '

Danielle, Washington DC, USA

'What an amazing day, thank you! I feel so much stronger inside, my heart feels whole and my inner strength has returned. Thank you for getting to so many different, and for me important aspects, it was such an insight and your intuition is amazing.

You are so easy to connect with and a blessing to have met.
I had a conversation with a friend last night with whom I haven't caught up with in about 6 months and over the phone, she could tell what a difference there was in me! :) Thank you so much again Sarah, you truly are an amazing angel!'

Claire Reid, UK

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'Sarah, you are an absolute God send! I thank my Angels for directing me towards contacting you for a breakthrough session, it has shifted my energies towards love and light in a world that often times can rob Earth Angels of this connection. You are a remarkable vessel of Angelic Healing, Love, and Guidance for us. You reminded me that connecting to our divine self and Angels only is stronger when we learn to heal ourselves first.

As an Earth Angel, I found that to be one of the hardest things to accomplish on my own. We need people such as yourself to help us with our healing and blocks and to view challenging Earth situations in a more positive light rather than such a dark and painful experience that can turn off our beautiful hearts to the world. We are here for such an important reason, thank you for helping bring me back to that knowledge.

I struggle with finding the best way to describe my experience with you so that lightworkers like myself could understand what an amazing shift in Energy I experienced...this is what my Angels told me to say: Instead of starting each day by hitting the snooze button 5 times, pulling the covers back over my head, and wishing I could spend my day in bed protected from the events of the day I did not want to deal with...I woke up lighter and uplifted, anxious to take a walk outside to connect with the Earth and my Angels in a whole new way. My walk turned into a 3 hour peaceful journey through the woods with the energy to enjoy every minute of it and a connection to myself and my Angels that I have never experienced before...complete peace, love, and gratitude.

I look forward to the future I have during this lifetime with anticipation of the next wonderful experience my God and Angels have waiting for me just around the corner :) I know I will have some days that will challenge me, but I do not fear those as much knowing I have someone such as yourself to turn to for help and healing and back on the right path. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping me understand that our most precious gift to give is LOVE!!!'

Michelle from Tennessee

'I am so grateful to Sarah, and how she helped me to clear out so many energetic blocks. It was like I had this wall up and a fear of going forward. After the first month of coaching, I could feel a difference inside of me. From the whole process, I was able to come out of my cave-like stage of not putting thought into action and open up to my gifts. By the 4th session of coaching, my life was improving at a quick pace (raise in vibration, intuition strengthening, increased self love/care). It was and is thrilling to feel this metamorphosis, coming into my true being. I use to feel not as grounded and not clear on my purpose for being in this life time. I can confidently go forward with clarity and a deep sense of peace. This has been a life changing experience, and I'm awesomely in gratitude. I highly recommend Sarah's gifts and expertise in guiding light workers to their path and to dive deep into great healing.'

Carla Moore, USA

'I discovered Sarah Vine a few years ago, when I was looking for some answers to why I felt different to everyone else and was so sensitive to animals and the planet. I then discovered I am an Earth Angel, a healer, a light worker, a white witch or what ever you want to call it. I'm spiritual and I now know I am here for a much bigger purpose. I live and work from my heart as a heart centred peace promoter.

I was fortunate enough to be in a position mentally and emotionally to be part of Healer, Heal Thyself 6 week self-development and self-loving course. This course taught me so much, it took away so many blocks and educated me about who I really am, on a very deep level. I no longer feel shame at my past, I now know what I am here to do and have Sarah and her inspiring course to thank. I met other Earth Angels, like myself on the final day of the course, held at the stunning Life House Spa who provided contact and meditation on a level that I have never experienced before. I feel my energy resonate every day and learned some powerful tools to keep myself grounded and positive every day.'

Ruth Bradshaw, UK

'I came across Sarah's video, by chance, at a moment when I was struggling mentally and physically with dealing with past life issues which reflected in my body's poor functioning - I had serious issues with my back and as a result I could hardly move or walk. But Sarah did wonders with her fearless skillful approach by clearing the old in order to make way for the new :)

She was there every step of the way giving me support and confidence that I could still believe, hope and have all the resources to be happy. As a result, after the session, I could walk so much easier than before and this morning, after a refreshing night's sleep, it was as if tons of burdens have been lifted off my back. At some moment I realised I was even singing!

It is just so important to let go and to have the right person next to you to boldly assist you in your quest. I guess it has been one of those fortunate encounters happening at the right time being in the right place. I have worked with other certified personal development coaches before but I have never felt the confidence to really take that leap of faith and dive into the unknown until now.

Luckily Sarah came at the right moment on my path to hold me by the hand and whisper "You can do it". I recommend Sarah's assistance to all those who feel held back by insecurities, past traumas and just the feeling that they are stuck and have no idea where to go next.
My heart and spirit are grateful to have met you, Sarah. You are light, indeed. Lots of Love

ML, Poland

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'I felt drastic energetic changes in my body as you were working with me. From feeling like I was going to pass out to feeling nauseous to feeling relieved and light, I could tell major shifts and energetic clearings were happening quickly. I felt mentally and physically exhausted after, but more peaceful, and more hopeful and also afterward, I knew the things Ive been learning about myself were true and I'm not "out there" like I always felt.'

Dr Carrie, Illinois, USA

'Thank you so much for helping me let go of all of these negative feelings that have been weighing me down for such a long time. Before our session via skype I felt so much tension in my body, there was so much anger and depression and after the session I felt so much more relaxed, so much lighter and I could feel immediatly that peace, love and happiness where coming back. You are amazing...I don't know how you did this! Hours of meditation didn't get me here!
Blessings, love and light to you, wonderful angel

Annabell, Germany

'Dear Sarah, I am glad I took the step of speaking with you. You reminded me some of the important things that I have thought about or felt in the past but had forgotten. I like that you also reminded me the beauty of gratitude. In a way I even got an answer to something that I didn't ask - just by realizing the priorities. I know I have a lot of inner work to do and this is where everything else can start to change. Hopefully I can find the ways to do it - I am going to try the tips you gave me. I feel that the energy releasing and visualizing techniques that I've tried have already been helpful. And I think I felt some of the release during the session also.
Thank You, Sarah! You are kind! And I wish you all the good and beautiful there can be!'

Anon, Estonia

'I wanted to thank you so much for our one on one session the other day. My entire life I have been searching for answers as to why I felt different than most people and in one session I not only got the answered to the why's I always felt the way I did, I was able to remove all blocks and self limiting patterns that would prevent me from fulfilling my purpose here as an earth angel.

I have never felt so much energy and love come from one person to another in such a powerful way as you demonstrated with me. I felt completely washed of any negativity and renewed as the perfect angel that I am and came here to be. Since that session I have had no trauma or negativity, I have been doing the morning meditation and thank you for that as well, it is amazing start to the day but I feel my life has definitely been changed and filled with angel light that I am now walking with daily to share with the rest of the world.
Thank you so much for your kindness and love'

Sandi, Hartford CT

'Dearest Sarah,
I wanted to tell you thank you for the session you so kindly had with me. I had felt blocked for a long time and never knew how to break through it. Your energy releasing and work was truly amazing and I cannot thank you enough. I was deep in grief and couldn't figure out why it was so difficult to over come. Your caring and understanding of my situation, needs and fears helped me greatly as did your skills and abilities to release the hold it had in my heart, mind and spirit. I was amazed at the things I saw while being released.
I wish you many blessings now and in the future. I am most grateful and free now. All things are in the universes hands.
Much love and light, Liz

Liz, U.S.

'I want to thank you so much Sarah, I felt the whole experience was on a higher vibration that came straight from a higher knowing with love. You spoke with your voice but shared angels, I heard the ambassador angel in you.
I feel totally confident in my future choices and can see the trees for the wood now. You helped me understand where my struggles were coming from and how to change them. Setting me free to feel divine and live. This was my biggest and most precious experience. Your truly a blessing in disguise of a human, thank you! Hugs!'

Julie-ann Bowden Brown, UK

'I am so pleased Sarah helped me in such a positive way, after removing huge blockages and healing within, I feel very different after the session, I now feel much lighter and so much more at ease within my body and mind and happier than in a long time. I am so grateful to Sarah for the healing session, I can actually feel my sparkle back in my eyes and it feels priceless. I was guided by angels to book the session and I am very grateful I did. Thank you Sarah for the work you do in such a loving, genuine way and for the help you've given me and to other people. '

Anon, UK

'I decided to book a session with Sarah when I was working through my experiences of being bullied as a child. I was finding it difficult to clear the energy around some of these memories and so felt very comforted when Sarah said she would 'hold my hand' while we did it together! We cleared lots of energy and I felt much lighter and more at peace about my experiences of being bullied after the session. I was also able to think more clearly and felt my head was in a better place. Thank you Sarah for being there just when I needed an angel's help xx '

Michelle Morris, Ireland

'As I have been going through extremely dark times, with many questions about what direction I should be going in, I decided that I would book a Spirit Coaching and Meditation session with Sarah. Not knowing quite what to expect, we began via Skype and Sarah immediately put me at ease. It was good to see such a happy friendly face on the screen and I instantly felt a connection, a rapport. I wasn't sure if my purpose here was to continue with art - creating wildlife from flimsy slivers of paper, seemed perhaps unimportant in the light of things going on in the world. However, Sarah was a hundred percent certain that this was my mission, as she pointed out, I'd already been given many signs. To have this confirmed, from a true earth angel has put many of fears to one side and made me realise that there is a plan for each one of us. Sarah's optimism, cheerful nature and clarity makes her a wonderful coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers, comfort and reassurance'

Carolyn M Stubbs, UK

'You have such a special place in my life and heart, as you and your Fb group have been such a beacon of light for me. If you recall I have just recently discovered my angel wings and feel so grateful for coming across you so quickly in my journey. My powers have just been flooding in so fast. I have discovered I have so many powers. I can even hear angels and have discussions with my archangels, Uriel, Jophiel and Michael! Michael even told me I am one of his cohorts, so I guess that makes me an archangel of sorts. I was also able to learn about my most recent past life, 500 years ago. And am able to connect to spirit realms and others dreams in my dreams. Along other gifts. I always knew 'I just knew things' I shouldn't, I didn't know that meant I'm psychic/empath. However, hearing voices in my head and talking to angels would make me think I was going crazy if I didn't find you and the wonderful community you have created! I am still figuring out my place and mission, and am now being drawn to be a reader with Angel cards..so we'll see lol. Thank you again for all that you are!

Sabrina, NV USA

'I feel very fortunate and blessed to have met Sarah. Once the decision had been made to work on my perceived limitations and fears it has now become intensely enjoyable to start seeing the results. I have many decades of self-limitations to work through and Sarah is extremely skilled in drawing out the aspects of my life that are holding me back. In the process I have rediscovered my sense of spirituality and a new-found sense of purpose.

It simply won't do letting your old fears rule your life and I feel so much more attuned and alive that I cannot wait for the next session with Sarah. You might call yourself an earth angel with a mission on this earth or you might prefer some other phrase; fact is that I have started to realise what I have come here to achieve. Now, there still needs to be an acceptance to take on the task of finding yourself and that can be hard work. But it is so much more enjoyable than living a life of self imposed limitations and fear. Not having to be a slave to inadequate 'happiness compensations' but being the master of your own destiny is priceless.

For me this is an investment that is starting to pay rich dividends. On a grander scale, being able to open up to limitless opportunities has already led to some remarkable new developments and turns in my life. Sarah really has an invaluable gift in helping me to achieve my full potential. Her presence is filled with so much angelic love and power that it's almost impossible not to achieve my desired results. I have no idea how she does it, but that is her gift to the world. I, for one, am grateful that I have crossed her path. Thank you, Sarah, and may the Spirits bless you!'

Erwin Schaefer, London, UK

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'I wanted to firstly say thank you to Sarah for how truly amazing my discovery session was. Sarah told me exactly what I needed to know and how to go about changing my life and to fulfil my dream of being an earth angel. I feel amazing and it was meant to be that I stumbled across this wonderful person, so thank you so much and I look forward to taking our journey further. With love, Sara xxx '

Sara, UK

'I felt very down hearted, a very heavy heart about life completely and I couldn't see the wood for the trees and I have been like this for a good 7 years. Sarah helped me get rid of many years of hurt, humiliation, pain, anger, frustration and just feeling like life wasn't worth living.

I now feel as if I am 'brand new second hand'. How much better can that be? The best of the best! I haven't felt like this for years! Thank you with all my heart, thank you Sarah, God bless'

Louise Reuterink, UK

'Before I came to see Sarah, I was full of self doubt and thinking I'm not good enough. After just one session, I realized that this is completely untrue and that I'm good as I am already and nothing is missing. Sarah's way is totally natural and intuitive and so insightful. I feel at peace and I now know that I'm good enough, I'm the love and the light'

Anna Hurl, UK

'I have just got off the phone with Sarah Vine and I feel driven to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for what was equivalent to £1000 consultation. A shift in direction and with greater clarity. To untangle the twist, the knots and blocks is genius. I didn't realize I was creating excuses not to step into what I know is my genius. I started to make comparisons between my self and other more established individuals hence doubting myself. It is amazing things I did subconsciously. Thanks again for clarifying the facts and helping me find my new sense of confidence. God bless'.

Benedict Kiwanuka, UK

'First off, Sarah taught me to Skype [video conferencing] which was great fun and should be useful in other endeavors. Enlightenment often includes forcing you to do things that you otherwise resist, but are good for you.

Second, we had two topics to cover and the time allotted just seemed to flow to where it was needed. I didn't feel rushed or short-changed. Sarah was spot on and our time together was meaningful and therapeutic. She's convinced I'm an earth angel, which I accept a bit bashfully, but accept nonetheless. Originally sought out Sarah for advice on a new friend who is clearly an earth angel...little did I know that I too would show up in the mirror. '

FTW, Florida, U.S.

'Before I met with Sarah, I suffered with anxiety, nervousness and low self esteem which was controlling my life, I felt stuck in a rut with lack of direction and the glass was always half empty. After meeting with Sarah, I feel I have a much greater understanding of who I am and my life. I feel released of the tension I was feeling, much more relaxed, fulfilled and at peace with who I am. The glass is definitely half full! I found Sarah's perception, understanding and techniques I learnt invaluable'

Kristian Clark, UK

'Before I spoke to Sarah I felt confused, very negative with mixed emotions, down in myself and just couldn't see a way to change how I felt. After just one session with Sarah, I now feel so positive, calm, clear, uplifted and feel so much better about myself and who I am!
This session was priceless! I cannot express the value in the difference you have made to me, thank you!'

Michelle Jones, Essex, UK

'I decided to book a session with Sarah because I had reached a point where I seemed to have no purpose or direction anymore, having been through the worst year of loss, trauma, stress and illness imaginable. I needed someone to help me focus and direct my life towards a complete change and that person was Sarah.

She has so much enthusiasm for life that it seems to overflow and the only way I can describe it is that it is catching! During the session I gradually felt myself becoming more enthusiastic than I had done for quite a while and I began to realize and believe that my life could be so much better than it had been for a long, long time. Only we have the ability to change our lives and we all need that extra help and encouragement.

I won't pretend that since my session every day has been an improvement on the last. It is, after all, very early days, and I do still get off days when my thoughts lean towards the negative, but instead of letting those thoughts get me down, I have learned to turn those thoughts around to positive and the day instantly gets brighter. That is how I foresee my life progressing from now on, every day getting brighter, filled with the light.

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'I was very unhappy with the way I was and the way I dealt with situations. I had all these blocks in myself that I could not shift or even fathom out how to deal with. I use to get very angry a lot, for what seems to be no reason sometimes and this was effecting everything, including my relationship with my partner. I also worried alot about things, which at times made me very anxious. And it was effecting my life.

My soul cried out for help and assistance, and there you were. Since working with Sarah, I now am and feel very calm and chilled out about life... I'm no longer angry or asking why! My approach to my partner and life in general is now so positive, life just continues to get better and better, in some amazing ways!

The way in which Sarah holds the space and addresses your 'issues' is amazing, compassionate, deeply healing and transforming. Sarah is so friendly and I felt totally at ease and comfortable sharing, I was able to open up and just talk freely as she worked her magic. I want to thank you Sarah so much for changing my life, my future and allowing me to take it on a new, higher vibrational path. Also to thank you so much for helping me forgive myself! You have been the biggest inspiration to me in my life and I cannot ever thank you enough. I believe in myself now more than ever!'

M. Green, UK

'Sarah coaches in a very sensitive, intuitive and holistic way which I loved. I can honestly say that in a relatively short space of time she has taken me on a life changing journey. My relationship with food has changed out of all recognition, I now enjoy eating healthily, feeling fit and looking fabulous! Which was of course my goal! Thank-you so much!

Sarah helped me to tackle a longstanding and difficult problem born of a limiting belief I held. She talked me through a visualization of what my life & I would look like once I no longer held this belief. It was a life changing experience, I could not believe what I was missing out on! As a result I was able to come up with some great ways to begin working on banishing my limiting belief - this was completely new & very effective approach to the problem for me. I am genuinely amazed at how much I learnt around this issue in just one session!

Sarah helped me explore the limiting belief in more depth - where it had come from, why and when. We also explored what it was costing me on a daily basis - this was so enlightening. I really began to see how ludicrous & self-destructive holding onto this belief was. Sarah helped me to come up with new beliefs I could hold instead and ways of implementing those. She talked me through the most amazing time line exercise to ensure that I really did eradicate my limiting belief once and for all. I can honestly say there has been a real life changing shift in the way I think & behave around this issue.
I am truly amazed at how much I have developed and at my change in attitude in such a short space of time!'

Gill Boydell, UK

'Sarah has been a real help in giving me guidance and vision in both my work and personal life. Before Sarah first came to see me in November I couldn't see the wood for the trees. I was constantly stressed out and quite negative at times about how things were going and about what I felt the future held for me.
Quite quickly Sarah made me re-organize my train of thought and helped me concentrate on the positives. This has had a major impact on my life and I am a much happier person both at work and at home, and others around me have commented on this. I am much more organized in my business and things have improved dramatically. Sarah has always been a friendly, helpful person, arriving promptly for a meeting with a smile. I would be happy to recommend her to my business colleagues, friends and family.'

Mark Rogers, Herts, UK

'Before my first meeting with Sarah I was concentrating on and waiting for the next negative thing to happen in my life. I was very confused and even though I still had goals I had forgotten how to achieve them.
In one session Sarah was able to clear my mind and make me concentrate on the positive side of life. This has had an amazing effect on my business as well as personal life. Since our meeting lots of good and positive things have happened in my life and I now feel very confident about the future. I found Sarah very easy to talk to and she was enthusiastic about helping me but also with the whole life coach experience'.

Michael Marsh, Herts, UK

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"
Buddhist proverb

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