In his powerful morning meditation (available as an instant download), you have everything you need to start each day:
to Source
Plus set an INTENTION for an amazing day!

How we start the day, effects the rest of it!
During this 8 minute meditation you will have all that you need to have start it in the best possible way

You will:

* Become Deeply Relaxed And Calm
* Surrender Any Thoughts, Worries And Doubts
* Expand Your Heart Energy And Fill Yourself With Divine Love And Light
* Connect And Allow Source Energy To Wash Away Any Negativity
* Cleanse And Balance Your Chakras
* Become Grounded And Connected To Mother Earth's Energy
* Protect Your Energy From Negativity
* Put Forth Your Intention For An Amazing Day
* Use Powerful Affirmations
* Release Powerful Energy Into Your Day Ahead
* Surrender All Outcomes
* Ask God/Source Energy And The Angels To Guide Your Actions
* Be In Gratitude In The Now

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Picture of Erwin Schaefer, testimonial for Sarah Rebecca Vine"Sarah, I want to thank you from my heart for the lovely 'Earth Angel Morning Meditation' which surprised and delighted me. I am using it regularly and it really creates a positive vibration for the day ahead. I have combined it with some of my favorite global music clips for use in my CD-alarm and my wake-up moments are filled with angelic voices, including yours! I am grateful about the loving way you treat and encourage your clients to get the best out of their lives. 'What amazing things can I allow myself to do and experience today?' This has got to me my favorite line. Thank you, dearest angel Sarah. You are truly an inspiration sent directly by the spirits and I wish you all the best and thanks again."
Erwin Schaefer, London

"Sarah's calm and friendly voice makes for a refreshing and inspiring start to the day. Her guidance helped me feel grounded and ready to face life's challenges with clarity and purpose. The pacing of this meditation is just right, leaving enough pauses to feel the power of the words, yet not lingering too long for the mind to wander. I would recommend this meditation to anyone who would like to feel the presence of a caring friend/guardian throughout their day, and to those who need help with finding a sense of peace."
JC Piech, Essex

Picture of Sarah Rebecca Vine, Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher and HealerSarah Rebecca Vine is the leading Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

The founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary, a safe space for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and evolve, Sarah is inspired about helping earth angels recognise themselves in awakening to who they really are and why they are here. Sarah shares free videos, interviews and set up a worldwide community of earth angels on facebook.

Deeply intuitive, a powerful healer and a transformation expert, Sarah has been called 'The Healer that heals the healers'. Specialising in working on a deep level with earth angels who have a big purpose and message to bring to the world and are ready to do whatever it takes to clear whatever is in the way to living their highest purpose. Find out more about working with Sarah and all the free resources she offers at