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You are NOT here to be perfect!

Ever wonder or doubt if you REALLY are an earth angel?
I'm here to tell you, you are not here to be perfect and I share that I certainly am not!

Do you have the Vow of Invisibility?

After recording this for members of the Earth Angel Sanctuary, I felt I needed to share this with ALL earth angels...
This is something that has held me back and kept me hiding.
I know I have a big mission that my heart is steering me towards as so many earth angels do! And I wanted to share this with you as it is important that you do what is in your heart and no longer have this holding you back in our life!
If you want a place to help you help yourself, check out the Earth Angel Sanctuary. It was created with YOU in mind, as a way I can help and assist you my friend. More info here

All About Twin Flames - Hangout with Michelle Gordon

Join me and Michelle Gordon, author of 'The Earth Angel Training Academy' series as we talk all about Twin Flames. We cover what Twin Flames are, how to recognise them, what the general stages of the relationship are, how to let go and cut the cords when you are separated, and how to stay on course and follow our own purpose! Michelle also be leads you through a short meditation to find a clue about your twin flame.

Angelic Guidance for all Earth Angels (from and angel)

So excited to share this hangout with the gorgeous Katie Speed (who is an incarnated angel herself) and channels the angel Shimlaya. If you feel connected to the angelic realm in any way, you will love this. I ask questions to angel Shimlaya, who gives loving guidance for all who wish to hear.

Help if you are a BIG Picture earth angel

If you are like me and a big picture person, you may become overwhelmed with your purpose and mission.
You may find it hard to set goals as you automatically go to the biggest potential and that brings up massive FEAR!
That can stop you from actually moving forward and get into overwhelm... I know that well lol!
So I share what I do to help myself
** Please know I use energy clearing techniques as I do this and I recommend you do too **
A really easy and simple one is Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Basically you tap on points on your body which helps release the energy (scroll down for a short video on how to tap)

Let Go Of Doubting That You Make A Difference

Let go of any doubt that you you make a difference by watching this video where I facilitate this for you by using advanced energy clearing techniques.
Please check first if you get a yes of no to the statement 'I make a difference'. You can also check for specific situations.
This is an example of the energy clearing videos I have created within my Earth Angel Sanctuary - A Safe space for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and evolve themselves. More info on the Earth Angel Sanctuary here

Let Go Of Fear

Let go of any fears you may have by watching this video where I facilitate this for you by using advanced energy clearing techniques.
Please do have a specific fear in mind and rate it on a scale of 1-10 in intensity.
This is an example of the energy clearing videos I have created within my Earth Angel Sanctuary - A Safe space for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and evolve themselves. More info here

Help With Sensitivity

As earth angels one of our characteristics is that we are highly sensitive, although this is a gift, it is also so hard as we literally pick up the thoughts, feelings and energy of others and the planet and this can really weigh us down and effect us.
In this short video I share a really simple tip to help you let go of all that does not belong to you, I hope it helps you.

Having a bad day?

In this short video I just want to share that we ALL have bad days and it doesn't make you less than anyone else or not good enough. I also share what I do when I have a bad day :)

The Simplest, Easiest, Most Important Thing To Remember!

In this video, I share with you the simplest, easiest, most important thing to remember to do which will change your state instantly.

Been Going Through A Tough Time Recently?

I have spoken to so many earth angels over the last few weeks who have been going through a really tough time... having all kinds of challenges and issues come up to varying degrees, not sleeping well or having 'emotional' breakdowns. I myself have been a little emotional (although I did put it down to pregnancy!)
We are in a time of powerful transformation entering into the last quarter of 2012, the whole world is feeling it especially earth angels who are so sensitive and it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel for some of you so I wanted to offer an explanation and a few suggestions to help in this video.

How To Protect Your Energy

Earth Angels are highly sensitive and therefore easily effected by other people, violence, what is happening on the planet etc. In this video, I offer a few simple and easy techniques to protect your energy, its just a case of remembering to do it! :) (You can find more detail on the 'Zip-Up Technique' mentioned at my blog here)

Premonitions, Foreseeing Tragedy Or Negative Situations

Many earth angels are having gifts open up to them which scares them! Especially premonitions, foreseeing tragedies or negative situations.
In this short video, I share how a lovely earth angel shared with me how her daughter scared her with a premonition and what I suggested she could do about it.
I hope this video helps you if you are having these too.

'Giving' Too Much Of Ourselves

Do you 'give' to others and yet find yourself become drained, tired, depleted or ill yourself? I know many earth angels who do yet they can't stop themselves from caring and giving so much!
As Earth Angels, we LOVE to help others, after all it is part of our purpose for being here, to help humanity in some way however, often we can tend to neglect the most important person... Ourselves!
In this short video I share the importance of self love and why you must give to yourself first!

On Being A Perfectionist

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing or trying something, for the fear of making a mistake, not being good enough or "perfect"?
If you are anything like me, probably quite a lot! I have always been a perfectionist, yet being one does not actually serve us or humanity... the world needs us NOW not when we are perfect!

Asking For Help

Do you ask for help when you need it? Or are you like me and just HATE asking? We ALL need help and support from time to time yet as Earth Angels we don't always put ourselves first or value ourselves enough to seek the help we need.
I have recorded this short video which I hope will inspire you to ask for the help and support you need.

Feeling Out Of Sorts

If you have you been feeling out of sorts, depressed, anxious, struggling with negative emotions, having trouble sleeping or just feeling more drained than usual, then I have recorded this video for you to know that you are certainly not alone!

How I Overcome My Fear Of Videos

If you stop yourself from doing things that you know you should, because of fears and doubts, know that I have too! Recently however I heard something that made me change how I think about it!
In this video I share with you my fears of being visible, how it terrified me and how I am slowly overcoming this... I hope it inspires you too!

How to Tap

EFT, emotional freedom technique or tapping is the most beautiful and simple technique that anyone can learn in less than 5 minutes! It is so flexible and extremely effective in helping you rid a wide range of issues from pain, negative emotions, phobias etc. It works by gently tapping specific points whilst in a negative emotion and as we are all made up of energy, this disrupts it, in turn, enabling it to clear.
Here is a short video on the basic tapping points and why you cannot get it wrong.
(I have also added a picture of the Tapping Points Guide below)

Tapping Points Guide

What is an Earth Angel?

Introducing Myself

Here is a video I recorded to personally introduce myself to you.

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