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Earth Angel Sanctuary on Facebook

Join my free group on facebook, find energy and emotion clearing videos and 'How to' Tutorials in the 'Albums' plus connect with earth angels from all over the world.


A selection of videos (some from the start of my journey) that I created for earth angels to help and inspire.


Be inspired by these wonderful earth angels who share a little about their journey and how they are making their impact in the world.

Incarnated Angels Recording

If you resonate with the angelic realm, I offer you this Earth Angel Sanctuary recording with my compliments. I share the characteristics, life purpose and common blocks angels on earth have. These can include feeling guilty, not being able to say no and weight issues.
There is lots of Q&A and live energy clearings and healing of any blocks/energy on the call for everyone who listens to recording and gives their permission!

Old Souls & Wise Ones Replay

Virtually all of us have been here on this planet before and in this replay, we discuss the impact your past lives may be having on you, how to uncover your past lives and clues that you have. I also share what I know about my own past lives and lots of live clearings for those on the call. I offer you with my compliments.
The live clearings and healing of some past life blocks will also shift for all who listens to recording and gives their permission!

Love Bubble Technique

Learn this simple and easy technique to put yourself and those you love in a love bubble!