Welcome My Friend!

Welcome to my InSpirit Blog!

I share all sorts here, to help and inspire my fellow earth angels.
My thoughts and personal learnings, my love, tips and techniques, inspirational stories and poems, plus beautiful sharings from other magnificent earth angels who are guest bloggers and contributors.

I hope this inspires you in whatever way is right for you!
Enjoy having a look around and if you would like a little extra help, support, love and guidance, come join us the Earth Angel Sanctuary!

With Love and light always
Sarah xxx

sarah rebecca vine

Sarah Rebecca Vine

Known as the ‘Healer who Heals the Healers’ and founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary.

A powerful, intuitive healer, Sarah is an expert in clearing past life and inherited fears, blocks and traumas, attachments, vows and contracts. She clearly sees others potential, missions and soul perspectives.

She is an old soul from the master angelic realm and has also been called ‘the Angel of Destiny’. An Empowerment Coach, Energy Alchemist, Spiritual Teacher and Student herself, Sarah focus is on love, growth and contribution.

Creating and founding the ‘Earth Angel Sanctuary’ on 14th February 2014, Sarah created a safe space for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and evolve together. An online resource with tools, techniques and readings plus a private facebook community, this exclusive members website offers an opportunity for much deeper and accelerated growth with Sarah and the Sanctuary team.

Sarah has felt inspired about helping earth angels recognise themselves in awakening to who they really are and why they are here for a long time. In 2008, she set up her first group Earth Angels, a worldwide community on facebook which is still growing strong. Although not an active member, Sarah has some amazing earth angel admins who are guardians of the group to keep its integrity. This has also since helped and inspired countless earth angels from all over the world. Sarah also shares free videos and interviews on her YouTube channel

Sarah lives in the UK and is mummy to her own little earth angels, Angel and Evan.

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