New Photos

Just wanted to share some new pictures with you I had taken recently to update my websites.

Sarah Vine, Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher & Healer that heals the healersThis one, which I have used for years, is 6 years old!

I was a few weeks pregnant with my daughter Angel at the time (although i didn’t know it) and loved this pic.

I am not sure why I continued to use this picture for so long…

Maybe because my body has been through many changes having two children, I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and maintained that whilst breastfeeding!

However, its been long overdue to have new pictures taken as not only am I not the person I was. I have changed and grown and learnt so much, plus my hair is longer and straighter! I also am a completely different vibration.

We are in such a powerful year of clearing and cleansing, with so many powerful influxes of light frequencies, it was time to have pictures that reflect who I am now. I am really pleased with them and hope you like them.

Love and light always
Sarah xxx

sarah rebecca vineSarah Rebecca Vine 1Sarah Rebecca Vine Sarah Rebecca Vine

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