Healer, Heal Thyself Program

5 weeks of DEEP and INTENSE INNER ENERGY CLEARING for those here to help and heal others

‘Healer, Heal Thyself’

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These audios go deep… I facilitate in helping you heal yourself of energy blocks, from PAST LIVES, VALUING you, Letting go of the HOWS, ALLOWING and reclaiming your POWER!
This is an instant download so is available wherever you are in the world… all you need is to be willing to listen and let go

Call 1 – Clearing Past Life Blocks

  • The memories of the past that are holding you back
  • Where you are fearful of opening your gifts
  • Where you have past life trauma
  • Where you have been killed for your gifts and talents
  • Plus so much more
  • Call 2 – Loving And Valuing You

  • Where you are not loving you
  • Where you are not forgiving you
  • Where you are not valuing your unique gifts and talents
  • Where you are unsure of your contribution to the world
  • Plus so much more
  • Call 3 – Letting Go Of The How

  • The needing to know the hows
  • The needing to know all the steps
  • The needing to control the outcome
  • Creating from a space of trust and faith
  • Plus so much more
  • Call 4 – Allowing

  • To be supported
  • To be abundant
  • To be helped
  • To acknowledge who you really are
  • Plus so much more
  • Call 5 – Reclaiming Your Infinite Power

  • Reclaim all your shards of energy through time and space
  • Cleanse yourself of all others energy
  • Embody your full spiritual power
  • Reclaim Your Power Meditation
  • Plus so much more

  • Please Note: This is an intense energy clearing course and I DO go deep, clearing go of all that is no longer serving you.

    And this does take courage, you may be having all kinds of fears come up about even reading this and know this is possible for you… I understand!
    I did too whenever I was meant to take that leap of faith.

    But trust me, I promise to be here for you all every step of the way, to hold your hand and guide you through this … to help you rediscover your wings so you can fly!


    michael‘I was privileged to be a part of the first “Healer Heal Thyself” 5 Part tele-call series with Sarah Vine. What really impresses me about Sarah is how she encourages, supports and empowers everyone to discover their dimmer switch and crank it up and let their light shine bright.
    She is a true leader who steps up to inspire everyone by sharing her life experiences from the heart. Each of the calls in the “Healer Heal Thyself” series covers a different topic that relates to healing our inner blocks and empowering you to share your infinite potential with the world. Sarah does an awesome job facilitating and leading each one of the calls and you will experience shifts in your own energy as you witness the breakthroughs that the group co-creates.’
    Michael Addison, UK


    ‘I was privileged to be able to be on this very powerful five week course, and it literally has changed my life in ways that I have not thought possible. I always knew I was different, and back in April this year I was told I was an Earth Angel and after months of internet research and upon reading a book I had purchased I stumbled across Sarah, and her Website, signed up and have not looked back since. Everyone has notice the change in me, I have manifested things I have dreamed off for the last few months and my life is changing at an alarming rate… The power I have regained is nothing short of a miracle. If you want to begin changing your life, with someone who is going to be there every step of the way, support you and help you transcend into being the powerful Earth Angel that you are, then Sarah is the person for you, I know that not only have I found the person who has changed my life, but, I am hoping a friend for life! Well worth every penny!! Thank you Sarah for this fantastic course ‘
    Sara Waterman, UK



    I want to make it easy for you to say yes and join me on this amazing journey. I am truly passionate about sharing this transformation with those that need it and here to do so much good. It’s a game changer on so many levels and I want those of you who know this is for you to be able to commit to this, to value yourself enough to say yes to yourself

    When I run this program, I charged £397 for people to be on the live calls with me. However to get instant download access to this now, I am offering this amazing program at

    Just £97

    These life changing calls are easily worth 10 times the investment that I am asking as this will literally change your life on the deepest and most fundamental level.

    And I want to let you try it first with my 30 day money back guarantee

    If you don’t think that these 5 calls are everything you hoped it could be, just let me know and I will refund your full investment, no questions asked


    Sandi‘I felt called to The Healer Heal Thy Self class the moment I saw the post. I knew that it was going to be powerful, and at that time I was unaware what the class was even about, all I knew was that we were going to be going through a 5 week transformation process. I myself had already had one session with Sarah so I was aware of how powerful her techniques where so I was very excited to get started.
    We started the class and on the first call my life was transformed, I know Sarah you were hoping to do it in 5 weeks but for me it happened on that first call, and from then on every call after that I just opened up even more.
    I have always felt very connected to people, the earth, everything but on those calls I was brought to the complete state of awareness of how we are all connected, and how much we are changing the planet and every person on it just by changing ourselves. I literally saw and felt the workings of how this is all happening, how it was all planned out, how we actually planned it to be that way, US the ones on the call and how powerful we really are I can’t even explain the feeling in knowing that, it allowed all my doubts and fears about who I was to literally melt away.
    Before I completed the class I didn’t know where I was going what my purpose was, I knew I was here to help but I didn’t know how, I didn’t have the confidence to go after my dreams…now not even a week after the class is over, I have my own Website, business cards, I have posted my own videos up on YouTube, and started charging clients for my services…which I never felt comfortable doing in the past, I used to do everything for free. I can’t express my gratitude enough for everything you do Sarah, you are not only an amazing healer you have become a dear friend as well, I’m looking forward to working with you in the future. Love and light xxxx ‘
    Sandi, Hartford CT, USA

    Suecook‘I would recommend this call series to evolved souls who are already experienced with working on themselves. Sarah facilitated a transformational and deep series here, and it is a worthwhile and arguably necessary step to personal evolution. Those of us who took part in the calls as well as those of us who work regularly with Sarah know and undestand just how important this work is.
    As well as the transformation from the work, it is good because it brings people together who are like minded and that is invaluable in itself.’
    Sue Cook BSc (Hons) Lic LCCH, UK

    angie‘Meeting Sarah has been such a blessing. She is truly an Inspirational Healer. She is highly intuitive and remarkable energy healer. As a newly awakened healer I needed help. I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for until I met Sarah. She helped me clear all the necessary inner work I needed. Her techniques for clearing energy blocks and energies that no longer serve us are phenomenal. I was able to change behaviours and patterns but to truly heal, generational energies handed down from generation to generation must be transmuted and cleared. Sarah’s healing techniques are felt immediately and has made a tremendous impact on me and my life. Thank You Sarah! XOXOXOXO
    Angie Melena, US

    elaine‘I first encountered Sarah’s energy gifts in a mini-discovery session in Match 2013… when Sarah offered the opportunity to join the Healer Heal Thyself programme I did hesitate and then hesitate some more, but the overwhelming urge to experience a deeper energetic shift became irresistible. I “had” to take part.
    I can tell you where I am in the physical world right now and that would be unemployed with regular family and financial concerns, that is important, but even more important is that it doesn’t scare me. My right hand says “okay – time to press the panic button” and my left hand says “oh no you don’t – everything is perfectly okay – you are safe”
    I don’t know why, I’ve stopped wondering why, it is just the way it is.
    Working with Sarah on an energetic level has been life changing. Spiritual journeys are unique, Sarah’s gifts have helped me understand that uniqueness and my inward journey has been fabulous – bit of a bumpy ride here and there – but amazing and something I would never have believed this time last year. Sarah’s greatest gift to me is teaching me how to let go of fear and learn to trust. “Up” day – “down” day – “dark” day – “light” day – TRUST
    Much love and light to you all, Elaine 🙂 xxx’
    Elaine Cumine, UK

    erwin‘I had the privilege to be part of this wonderful five-part phone-seminar and listen to Sarah’s amazing insights into so many aspects of how we can allow ourselves to grow, how we can manifest our individual mission and how we can shine our light in the world. You would not have known that this was Sarah’s first ever seminar in this format as it was done so professionally and it must have been a massive leap of faith and trust. I am still listening to the recordings, letting the benefits slowly sink in and feel so much more inspired to trust myself and let my own creativity and life-force come out. Thanks again, Sarah – it was a wise decision to be a part of your loving efforts’
    Erwin Schaefer, London, UK

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