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Sharing this beautiful post by a beautiful angel Carla Moore, who lives in the US
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Acceptance is part of healing.

I was watching a documentary on line the other day, The Living Matrix, and I was inspired by a lady who was sick with a cancerous tumor. She decided to accept the tumor and focus on what the situation was trying to teach her in life.

I had never really thought of that. The immediate reaction is to complain, feel sorry for your self and try desperately to find a solution to it all.

You see I have this form of alopecia (the thinning and loss of hair).

I’m not sure why I have it and the doctors don’t know either. They’ve given me a variety of possibilities but not a definitive one. Over the years, the effects have slowly taken it’s toll. My hair is super thin, balding in many areas.

Sometimes I use to cry and beg why?

I use to think it happened from a chemical hair treatment long ago, but I think it was more than that since the thinning really didn’t start until my last college years.

I’ve tried some of everything, all kinds of hair products, vitamins and spending huge amounts of money.

i accept myselfAnd I just recently came to the realization that maybe I should try and accept myself just as I am.

In our society it is more acceptable for men to be seen with this type of physical situation. It’s more “normal” for males, so I may get a double take when people first see me.

I had to learn to build my confidence, because when you are different sometimes you second guess yourself in life.

Even though there were times that I didn’t feel my best on a self esteem level, I literally looked in the mirror and told myself that I am beautiful.

It took time and strength to smile at the reflection in the mirror. As I went through life, my spirit got stronger and so did my confidence.

I used these techniques and rituals to help me arrive at a point of inner peace:

Consistent prayer/meditation:

This calmed my spirit and gave me more clarity. I often feel now that being in the stillness is the best way to hear from the Divine.

Self care:

Doing a daily or weekly practice (walking, being in nature, getting a massage) up lifting for my mind and body is nourishing and facilitates self love.


Writing down thoughts, dreams, gratitude lists and just random ideas floating in your head. I keep a variety of journals, and it’s served me well. I can look back from when I felt little low and see the progress of so much inner work.

Healthy communication:

It makes you feel good inside to talk with your partner, friends, family and associates about what is going on in your life. Letting it out, so you have that release and lessen the brain chatter.

Creative outlets:

Doing various forms of writing really helped me deal with negative outlooks upon myself. I love to write poetry, and it is through that creative process where I saw so much internal beauty with in me. Creating is freeing and takes you out of the routine of everyday life. So you go deep inside to pull out what needs to be expressed and eventually healed.

Through this whole situation, I’ve learned so much about myself.

I’ve gained more compassion for others, increased my gratitude for life, accepted being in the present moment and learned the value of being an individual.

The most important gift of all is that I learned to open my heart more.

I saw and felt how the true beauty in someone comes from within the center, the heart. Our vessel is our temple but it is temporary.

Our spirit and soul carries an infinite beauty. If we look beyond the outer shell, we can capture what is truly there.

Don’t let being, feeling or looking different stop you from doing what your heart’s desire is in life.

We are so much more than our current situation. The capability to rise up and be glorious has always been inside of us.

Written by Carla Moore
Certified Health Coach

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  • Everything happens for a reason. Because we’re all life, the meaning of life logically depends on whatever meaning we give it. Whether it’s positive or negative, would any of us, Earth Angels, Star Seeds or people in general, for all our roles in our participatory universe, have all the spiritual tools required without the painful lessons that we’ve systematically learned in life? So thank you both, Sarah and Carla, for your affirmations that evil and pain can be literally recycled into goodness and strength. It continues to be a promising 2015. Namaste.

    1 Star Seed Mike said this (May 10, 2015 at 5:53 am)

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