Guest Poem: ‘Cloak of Valor’ by Carla Moore

Long ago when we graced the earth and the spirits were unharmed

Our kings and knights of armor knelt before us

The look upon their faces spoke of honor and compassion

They rose to caress royalty by the small of the hand

A queen so strong with eyes of love

Her hands talked peace while listening to the secrets of the wind

All joy rang through the palace halls

For she was the princess of her land

Bring glistening gold, bright ruby stones and a hundred diamond gems

For our majesty is gliding through the court’s yard

They all journey from near and far to catch a glimpse of the beauty, your highness

She is cloaked in valor, armed in dignity and poised with pride

Among the treasures that overflow in her chamber, there lies a

Music box that sings a song of pain, spirit and valor

Appearing on her balcony, she serenades the people to bless them

With her wisdom

For every eye sees that the queen is the passion behind the king

Comforted by the companions of peace and the light of the moon

Her eyes close softly to dream of the day ahead

The time has come for our princess to slumber in a bed of harmony

Guarded by the angels at her side

They draped a cloak of valor across our queen

It gleams with tremendous light

A sign to be known her highness is among the heavens tonight.

Carla Moore (1997)

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