Do you resonate with or love Dragons?

Do you resonate or LOVE Dragons?

Those who are from the Knights blended realms are very drawn to dragons and here are actually incarnated dragons on earth.

I recently had two new dragons joining me in my home and have been feeling into the energy of them.

I was then sent this video which I love and am sharing for all who resonate… enjoy!

Love and light
Sarah xxx

Sarah Vine

Sarah Rebecca Vine is the leading Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.
The founder of the ‘Earth Angel Sanctuary’, a safe space for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and evolve, Sarah is inspired about helping earth angels recognise themselves in awakening to who they really are and why they are here. Sarah shares free videos, interviews and set up a worldwide community of earth angels on facebook.

Deeply intuitive, a powerful healer and a transformation expert, Sarah has been called ‘The Healer that heals the healers’. Specialising in working on a deep level with earth angels who have a big purpose and message to bring to the world and are ready to do whatever it takes to clear whatever is in the way to living their highest purpose. Find out more about working with Sarah and all the free resources she offers at

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