Do you need an Energy M.O.T?

An M.O.T is something we have done regularly on our cars every year in the UK to make sure they run smoothly, change the oil and filters if needed and basically make sure they are in tip top condition.

This Energy M.O.T will do the same for your body and energy!

Are you feeling:
* Heavy with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions?
* Fragmented and burdened?
* All over the place?
* Tired, drained and not knowing why?
* A bit lost and confused on what you need to do or focus on?

How an Energy M.O.T. can assist you:

It will:
* Clear any psychic energy ‘attacks’ you have
* Clear any negative psychic hooks or cords you have
* Send any spirit attachments to the light
* Clear out all shards of energy within you that are not yours
* Call in all your shards of energy that are not with you (cleansing them all first)
* Will do all the above from this lifetime and ALL past lifetimes, through all realities and dimensions
* Will clear all blocks that are ready to be released
* Be a catalyst of deep inner growth
* Leave you feeling lighter, with more love, clarity and feeling empowered

What is the Energy M.O.T?

The Energy M.O.T. is a guided energy clearing meditation audio which is a catalyst in transforming your energy as you listen and breathe along.

There is a worksheet to go along with the audio, to record your experience and the Energy M.O.T can be used as often as you wish to continue clearing all that is not serving you.

(Please note, this is not a physical product)

This is for you if:

* You want to be free of all energy attacks and hooks in you
* You want to be free of anything weighing you down
* You are ready to release the blocks holding you back
* You feel tired, heavy and burdened with things
* You are invested in helping yourself first
* You are ready to have a breakthrough
* You are ready to get back in your spiritual power

Investment just £27

“The Energy M.O.T worked on every level as it promised (when it came to the removal of spirit attachments, I can tell you that I saw the spirit attached to me in my mind’s eye, and saw him fading into the light.) After the Energy M.O.T I felt much lighter, as if weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I will be continuing to listen to it as advised. I thank you.”
Camilla Petersen, Norway

“Well what can I say other than a massive thank you to Sarah for producing the amazing energy M.O.T. For some months I have felt drained and discontented. Feelings I don’t really feel were mine and were burdening me. I listened to the energy M.O.T and felt the burden of these feelings lifted immediately. Totally cleansed and felt lighter. I returned to my usual light happy self within hours of a meditation I can only describe as truly magical. Thank you Sarah for releasing the shards of energy burdening me and thank you for taking me on the wonderful journey of colours! Amazing.”
Hayley Pritchard, UK

“I listened and found it very positive. I felt a great flow of energy in my body especially my arms and the palms of my hands. Which I felt was a very good thing. Coincidentally, I slept well but had the strangest dream which showed the toolbar of a computer flashing, “You have cleared everything.” I have indeed been very tired after this and through the day, and I do know I will be clearing more. Blessings to you, dear Sarah.”
Gwen Smith, UK

“Wow Sarah, how amazing was that. During the M.O.T, I could feel things leaving my 3rd chakra and tingling things going on. Not sure what it was exactly, must have been blocks that I’ve been dealing with or something. I almost went to sleep during it. Afterwards I feel great, it’s been a few days since I’ve done the M.O.T and I can tell the blocks have been lifted and I feel like a new person. Sarah you are truly blessed, your words hold such power. You are truly doing your life purpose and I’m so very grateful for you. In Love and Light, Jennifer.”
Jennifer Woods Crowder, USA

Investment just £27

More testimonials here

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