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Earth Angels, You Are Not Here To Be Perfect!!

12th August 2015 | 0 Comments

Ever wonder or doubt if you REALLY are an earth angel…? I’m here to tell you, you are NOT here to be perfect and I share that I certainly am not! I hope this inspires you to know you are good enough just as you are and you make a difference no matter what. Love […]

Types of Earth Angels

7th September 2014 | 0 Comments

There are 2 types of Realms – The ‘Core’ Realms and the ‘Blended’ Realms, which are a combination of the core realms. A bit like primary colours and all the combinations they can make. There are 4 main Core Realms of Earth Angels. These are: Incarnated Angels Incarnated Elementals Star People Wise Ones. Some earth […]

Traits Of An Empath

30th April 2013 | 3 Comments

I have come across this on Facebook and am sharing it on here as I myself resonate with it and I’m sure many earth angels will recognise yourself in these too! (Credits at bottom of post) Love and light, Sarah xxx 30 traits of an Empath 1. Knowing: Empaths just know stuff, without being told. […]

What Is An Earth Angel?

11th December 2011 | 0 Comments

An ‘Earth Angel’ is what I would describe as the ‘umbrella’ term used for ALL Light Workers which are known as many things – Incarnated Angels and Elementals, Star People, Mer-People, Wise Ones, Empaths, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and everything in between, those who have a higher mission for being here. Everyone on earth IS a […]

What Is A Walk-in?

15th November 2011 | 0 Comments

A ‘Walk-in’ is more of a process than a specific realm and is where a soul bypasses the usual process of being born by making an agreement with another soul to make an exchange of life energy at some point. A Walk-in may wake up one day and feel like their life is a bad […]

What Is a Wise One?

15th November 2011 | 3 Comments

‘Wise Ones’ are reincarnated Sorceresses, High Priestesses, Sorcerers, Wizards, Shamans and Witches. They have been called out of ‘retirement’ from the Spirit world in order to come back to Earth for the current urgent situation of the planet. They have come here to teach, model peacefulness and to remind people how to use their inner […]

What is A Star Person?

14th November 2011 | 0 Comments

Starpeople come from other planets and were asked to take on a human body to help advert mass destruction of the planet and therefore the universe. If Earth is destroyed, the negative effect would ripple many galaxies.

What Is An Incarnated Elemental?

11th November 2011 | 1 Comment

Incarnated Elementals physically look like their namesakes – fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, leprechauns, mermaids, dolphins, animals and unicorns and have Fairies as their protective spirits, which are natures Angels. They elected to take on a human life and body to have more power and say so in cleaning the Earth’s air, water, soil and helping […]

What Is An Incarnated Angel?

10th November 2011 | 0 Comments

Incarnated Angels are angels who elect to live their entire lives in a human body. They are the dearest light workers imaginable, they were born to help and heal. They may have lived more than one life in human form. They look past the surface to see people’s inner talents, divinity and potential. They are […]

Are You An Earth Angel? – Quiz

8th November 2011 | 2 Comments

The following quiz taken from Doreen Virtues book will help you decipher which realm you are from: For each statement decide if it’s true or false. Scoring below. 1. I tend to easily put on extra weight, or I’m currently overweight. 2. My past or current love partners are addicts or alcoholics. 3. I rarely […]