About Sarah

Sarah Rebecca Vine 1Sarah Rebecca Vine is known as the ‘Healer That Heals The Healers’ and founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary.

She lives in Essex, United Kingdom with her partner Gareth and their young children Angel and Evan.

After taking a leap of faith in 2008, Sarah set out on a quest to help others recognise themselves after finding all her early spiritual coaching clients shared this one thing in common in the fact they were earth angels and didn’t know. She created an online earth angels group on facebook to help others connect and know they were not alone.

Creating her first free report on Earth Angels in 2009 based on Doreen Virtue’s work, she completed her Certified Realm Readers course in 2014, just to update it for others.

Pregnant with her second child and hearing something that caused her to face her fears, Sarah started recording videos and put out on YouTube to be able to reach more people. This has since grown and includes interviews with others, all to help and inspire.

Feeling the pull to be of greater service and share her many gifts, Sarah founded the Earth Angel Sanctuary on 14th February 2014 as a way to globally support, assist and connect earth angels who are ready or already on their spiritual journey. The Sanctuary offers a space for deep inner growth with a community of like minded souls, monthly live calls, an Energy Clearing and Tutorial Libraries with over 100 videos to help shift emotions, vows, energy and raise vibrations, Rituals, private Facebook Group and not only that, she is joined by many amazing souls who love her sincere intention and the love the Sanctuary provides, so have offered their gifts which include Akashic readings, Astrology readings, Life Path Numerology, Decoding Pain, Spiritual First Aids and the amazing Earth Angel Training Academy book by author Michelle Gordon plus exclusive member discounts, including to work privately with Sarah and some members of the Sanctuary Team.

Sarah has studied and qualified in numerous Life Coaching diplomas, NLP, is an Advanced Theta Healer and has studied many advanced healing modalities and practices. A powerful, intuitive healer, Sarah is an expert in clearing past life and inherited fears, blocks and traumas, attachments, vows and contracts. She clearly sees others potential, missions and soul perspectives. Sarah is an old soul from the master angelic realm and has also been called ‘the Angel of Destiny’.

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