3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Sacred Space by Carla Moore – Guest Post

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Sacred Space

I believe everyone has that special spot in their home where they feel safe, peaceful and at ease.

If it’s the couch, a nook in your bedroom or possibly the whole first floor of your house, it holds whatever energy you are putting forth while you are spending time in that space.

The more meditating, prayers, visualization and mindful breathing you do, the more sacred it becomes.

I enjoy incorporating 3 elements into my special spots around the home.

A connection to God’s Earth to help with grounding, then a symbol of fire to bring in the passion of life, and I also love to have greenery in the surroundings to be reminded of how life is always in some form of existence.

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Sacred SpaceThe Earth:
A wonderful way to introduce nature into a space can be with stones.

It is nature’s wonderful bedding. So it feels so right to bring in a comforting element of the earth inside the home. They are a direct connector to the earth’s ancient vibrations. I’ve kept bowls, vases and platters of smooth rocks around my home. They have this comforting, grounding effect just having them in the space. I love the touch of them because it just feels secure and strong in my hands.

You can also place your bare feet on the stones for an even more grounding effect. Later on I advanced to placing specific crystals in my bedroom, such as smoky quartz, amethyst and citrine. The most important thing is to go by how you feel.

Let your intuition guide you to what feels complete in your area.

The Fire (and a little smoke):
I feel like fire represents the passion of the soul, like a stirring within the life force. In the morning time or late evenings, I light candles while I meditate and pray. For me it feels like a trigger for going deep within and at the same time it gives a bit of peace.

When you guide your thoughts and intent, the flame adds to it. I compare it to building a camp fire outside. The more wood and material you add to the fire; the larger it grows.
And so it is with our dreams, thoughts and emotions with in our sacred space. The energy builds from day to day as we vibrate out what is inside of us. There are times when I also light sage or incense for cleansing. It stirs up the energy to be cleansed out from the stagnant areas of a room. You could think of it as clearing out cobwebs and dust from forgotten spots of the home. Open the windows and allow the breeze to wash the smoke away.

The Plants:
Having a plant growing inside your space can symbolize how life is always in motion and that life will always find a way. I love to keep plants in my main living areas to help aid in cleansing the air, to connect me to beauty and a higher vibration. They feel our emotions and thoughts, so they become a part of our energetic environment. You can try placing a potted plant by the bed at night, cut flowers throughout the home or suspend some petals in a bowl of water.

It invokes this purity of the life force. It can also encourage you to spend more time in your sacred area to read, meditate, possibly be creative or do what ever you feel at that moment to honor yourself and a spiritual practice.

In my experience, when I bring in these elements into an area it raises the vibration in the room. It gives comfort, peace and cradles your consciousness. Allow the Divine Spirit and your heart to lead you to what will be a true blessing for your sacred space.

By Carla Moore

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