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I share all sorts here, to help and inspire my fellow earth angels.
My thoughts and personal learnings, my love, tips and techniques, inspirational stories and poems, plus beautiful sharings from other magnificent earth angels who are guest bloggers and contributors.

I hope this inspires you in whatever way is right for you!
Enjoy having a look around and if you would like a little extra help, support, love and guidance, come join us the Earth Angel Sanctuary!

With Love and light always
Sarah xxx

sarah rebecca vine

Sarah Rebecca Vine

Known as the ‘Healer who Heals the Healers’ and founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary.

A powerful, intuitive healer, Sarah is an expert in clearing past life and inherited fears, blocks and traumas, attachments, vows and contracts. She clearly sees others potential, missions and soul perspectives.

She is an old soul from the master angelic realm and has also been called ‘the Angel of Destiny’. An Empowerment Coach, Energy Alchemist, Spiritual Teacher and Student herself, Sarah focus is on love, growth and contribution.
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Connect With Your Dragon

Did you know you have a Dragon Guide?

We all do!

Although dragons have been part of myth and legend in that dragons guard treasure…

This is TRUE! We are our dragon’s treasure!

They love us very much and we are very special and precious to them!

There are many different types, sizes and colours of dragons and we have the 4th Dimension Elemental Dragons and the 5th Dimension Golden Dragons.

They can dive into deep dense energy and we can call upon them to do this when we ask the angels to help too, especially in war zone areas, communities or countries.

They are warrior like, loving and very protective of earth!

Your own personal Dragon Guide is waiting to connect with you as they are here now to support us (and the planet) through ascension.

I connected with mine the other year and can feel his presence and protection!
I know I am always protected and safe.

The Earth Angel Sanctuary also has a dragon protecting the sacred energy of it and last month, I facilitated a call for members about dragons, including leading everyone through to connect with their own dragon guide.

The feedback was amazing!

And I feel guided to offer this recording to you, for a very small energy exchange of just £5.55, as they are waiting to connect with us ALL who are ready, at this time.

There is two recordings:

The first one is just the part where you get to meet your dragon.

The second recording is of the full call with the Sanctuary members and where we also call in the elemental dragons to help ourselves and humanity.

During this, you may see, sense, feel or hear your dragon. Once you have made this connection, you can call upon them at any time to protect you, transmute any negative or stuck energy.

You just need to close your eyes, breathe and connect with them. They are here and ready to support you!
Connect with your Dragon Guide now!

They are waiting for you!

Peace, love and light always

Founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary

My Christmas Wish & Healing For You

I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, a happy Winter Solstice and no matter how you celebrate this holiday season, send you all my love!

This time of year can be a happy time although for many also be a very challenging one.

I want you to know that no matter what, you are loved more than you will ever know and you are NEVER alone.

You are ALWAYS surrounded by spirit, your angels, and guides, in fact everyone upstairs…

Your beloved love ones in spirit will be with you, even if not are not in a physical body…

I have today had a healing chat with a very special soul to me about her nan who would have been 100 on Monday.

As we talked, the tears came and the heavy emotions…

I asked her to identify the emotions were she was feeling as she talked.

She felt guilt, sadness and anger amongst others…

I asked if she was willing to release those she was carrying (and was burdening her) as I could feel her nans love for her and wish for her to let those go.

I ask you, if this resonates if you are willing to do the same?

When I think about my loved ones in spirit, I miss them however I feel such great love for them, to them and feel it back, that I just hug myself and smile.

That is my Christmas wish for you

If you cannot feel their love and be able to smile (with a tear in your eye) from those special people, companions and furry (or not) friends, acknowledge those heavy emotions that are burdening you.

What are they?

You may start to think of a past time, what’s the emotion that you feel?

Guilt, hurt, anger, regret?

Stop and breathe in and out slowly for 10 seconds for each emotion you acknowledge.

What is the emotion? (& how intense of scale 1-10? 1= low, 10= very intense)
Is it working for you? (if its negative, it’s a NO)
Breathe in… breathe out (slowly for 10 seconds)
Now take a big deep breathe in… and out

Well done.

Now how intense is that emotion now?

Has it reduced or gone?

Surprised? Keep going.

Important note: if it’s increased, what’s the emotion under this?

Redo the above process.

If it’s not love, peace and acceptance, keep asking what is the emotion I feel?

Your loved ones love you and want you to be happy and at peace!

So redo the above process and let them all go.

You deserve it and now is the time to release as we are in such an incredibly powerful time.

It is a year 9 in numerology, which means it’s a ‘Completion Year’.

Time to complete and let go of what is not serving us.

(I have worked intensively myself this year which is another email)

Let go of the pain, sadness, regret, anger and know your loved ones are with you always.

Feel that love.

This email has been written with love and infused with healing to assist the perfect souls it was meant too.

It is my gift to you

Wishing you so much love, peace, joy & happiness this Christmas and always

Sarah xxx

sarah rebecca vine

Sarah Rebecca Vine is the leading Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.
The founder of the ‘Earth Angel Sanctuary’, a safe space for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and evolve, Sarah is inspired about helping earth angels recognise themselves in awakening to who they really are and why they are here. Sarah shares free videos, interviews and set up a worldwide community of earth angels on facebook.

Deeply intuitive, a powerful healer and a transformation expert, Sarah has been called ‘The Healer that heals the healers’. Specialising in working on a deep level with earth angels who have a big purpose and message to bring to the world and are ready to do whatever it takes to clear whatever is in the way to living their highest purpose. Find out more about working with Sarah and all the free resources she offers at www.inspiritcoaching.co.uk

Do you need an Energy M.O.T?

An M.O.T is something we have done regularly on our cars every year in the UK to make sure they run smoothly, change the oil and filters if needed and basically make sure they are in tip top condition.

This Energy M.O.T will do the same for your body and energy!

Are you feeling:
* Heavy with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions?
* Fragmented and burdened?
* All over the place?
* Tired, drained and not knowing why?
* A bit lost and confused on what you need to do or focus on?

How an Energy M.O.T. can assist you:

It will:
* Clear any psychic energy ‘attacks’ you have
* Clear any negative psychic hooks or cords you have
* Send any spirit attachments to the light
* Clear out all shards of energy within you that are not yours
* Call in all your shards of energy that are not with you (cleansing them all first)
* Will do all the above from this lifetime and ALL past lifetimes, through all realities and dimensions
* Will clear all blocks that are ready to be released
* Be a catalyst of deep inner growth
* Leave you feeling lighter, with more love, clarity and feeling empowered

What is the Energy M.O.T?

The Energy M.O.T. is a guided energy clearing meditation audio which is a catalyst in transforming your energy as you listen and breathe along.

There is a worksheet to go along with the audio, to record your experience and the Energy M.O.T can be used as often as you wish to continue clearing all that is not serving you.

(Please note, this is not a physical product)

This is for you if:

* You want to be free of all energy attacks and hooks in you
* You want to be free of anything weighing you down
* You are ready to release the blocks holding you back
* You feel tired, heavy and burdened with things
* You are invested in helping yourself first
* You are ready to have a breakthrough
* You are ready to get back in your spiritual power

Investment just £27

“The Energy M.O.T worked on every level as it promised (when it came to the removal of spirit attachments, I can tell you that I saw the spirit attached to me in my mind’s eye, and saw him fading into the light.) After the Energy M.O.T I felt much lighter, as if weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I will be continuing to listen to it as advised. I thank you.”
Camilla Petersen, Norway

“Well what can I say other than a massive thank you to Sarah for producing the amazing energy M.O.T. For some months I have felt drained and discontented. Feelings I don’t really feel were mine and were burdening me. I listened to the energy M.O.T and felt the burden of these feelings lifted immediately. Totally cleansed and felt lighter. I returned to my usual light happy self within hours of a meditation I can only describe as truly magical. Thank you Sarah for releasing the shards of energy burdening me and thank you for taking me on the wonderful journey of colours! Amazing.”
Hayley Pritchard, UK

“I listened and found it very positive. I felt a great flow of energy in my body especially my arms and the palms of my hands. Which I felt was a very good thing. Coincidentally, I slept well but had the strangest dream which showed the toolbar of a computer flashing, “You have cleared everything.” I have indeed been very tired after this and through the day, and I do know I will be clearing more. Blessings to you, dear Sarah.”
Gwen Smith, UK

“Wow Sarah, how amazing was that. During the M.O.T, I could feel things leaving my 3rd chakra and tingling things going on. Not sure what it was exactly, must have been blocks that I’ve been dealing with or something. I almost went to sleep during it. Afterwards I feel great, it’s been a few days since I’ve done the M.O.T and I can tell the blocks have been lifted and I feel like a new person. Sarah you are truly blessed, your words hold such power. You are truly doing your life purpose and I’m so very grateful for you. In Love and Light, Jennifer.”
Jennifer Woods Crowder, USA

Investment just £27

More testimonials here

New Photos

Just wanted to share some new pictures with you I had taken recently to update my websites.

Sarah Vine, Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher & Healer that heals the healersThis one, which I have used for years, is 6 years old!

I was a few weeks pregnant with my daughter Angel at the time (although i didn’t know it) and loved this pic. Continue reading ›

My Wish For You

I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, a happy Winter Solstice and no matter how you celebrate this holiday season, send you all my love!

the true spirit of christmas is loveThis time of year can be a happy time although for many also be a very challenging one.

I want you to know that no matter what, you are loved more than you will ever know and you are NEVER alone.

You are ALWAYS surrounded by spirit, your angels, and guides, in fact everyone upstairs…
It is just being able and open to receive this

So if you feel inclined, please take a moment now to stop and take 10 deep breathes in and out…

Give that gift to you
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3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Sacred Space by Carla Moore – Guest Post

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Sacred Space

I believe everyone has that special spot in their home where they feel safe, peaceful and at ease.

If it’s the couch, a nook in your bedroom or possibly the whole first floor of your house, it holds whatever energy you are putting forth while you are spending time in that space.

The more meditating, prayers, visualization and mindful breathing you do, the more sacred it becomes.

I enjoy incorporating 3 elements into my special spots around the home.

A connection to God’s Earth to help with grounding, then a symbol of fire to bring in the passion of life, and I also love to have greenery in the surroundings to be reminded of how life is always in some form of existence.

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Sacred SpaceThe Earth:
A wonderful way to introduce nature into a space can be with stones.

It is nature’s wonderful bedding. So it feels so right to bring in a comforting element of the earth inside the home. They are a direct connector to the earth’s ancient vibrations. I’ve kept bowls, vases and platters of smooth rocks around my home. They have this comforting, grounding effect just having them in the space. I love the touch of them because it just feels secure and strong in my hands.

You can also place your bare feet on the stones for an even more grounding effect. Later on I advanced to placing specific crystals in my bedroom, such as smoky quartz, amethyst and citrine. The most important thing is to go by how you feel.

Let your intuition guide you to what feels complete in your area.

The Fire (and a little smoke):
I feel like fire represents the passion of the soul, like a stirring within the life force. In the morning time or late evenings, I light candles while I meditate and pray. For me it feels like a trigger for going deep within and at the same time it gives a bit of peace.

When you guide your thoughts and intent, the flame adds to it. I compare it to building a camp fire outside. The more wood and material you add to the fire; the larger it grows.
And so it is with our dreams, thoughts and emotions with in our sacred space. The energy builds from day to day as we vibrate out what is inside of us. There are times when I also light sage or incense for cleansing. It stirs up the energy to be cleansed out from the stagnant areas of a room. You could think of it as clearing out cobwebs and dust from forgotten spots of the home. Open the windows and allow the breeze to wash the smoke away.

The Plants:
Having a plant growing inside your space can symbolize how life is always in motion and that life will always find a way. I love to keep plants in my main living areas to help aid in cleansing the air, to connect me to beauty and a higher vibration. They feel our emotions and thoughts, so they become a part of our energetic environment. You can try placing a potted plant by the bed at night, cut flowers throughout the home or suspend some petals in a bowl of water.

It invokes this purity of the life force. It can also encourage you to spend more time in your sacred area to read, meditate, possibly be creative or do what ever you feel at that moment to honor yourself and a spiritual practice.

In my experience, when I bring in these elements into an area it raises the vibration in the room. It gives comfort, peace and cradles your consciousness. Allow the Divine Spirit and your heart to lead you to what will be a true blessing for your sacred space.

By Carla Moore

Guest Poem: ‘Cloak of Valor’ by Carla Moore

Long ago when we graced the earth and the spirits were unharmed

Our kings and knights of armor knelt before us

The look upon their faces spoke of honor and compassion

They rose to caress royalty by the small of the hand Continue reading ›

Earth Angels, You Are Not Here To Be Perfect!!

Ever wonder or doubt if you REALLY are an earth angel…?

I’m here to tell you, you are NOT here to be perfect and I share that I certainly am not!

I hope this inspires you to know you are good enough just as you are and you make a difference no matter what.

Love and light always
Sarah xxx

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How To Connect To Dragons

baby dragonDragons have felt very significant to me for a while…

I recently posted a blog about resonating with dragons and a few nights ago found this really interesting information when inspired to find out more about ‘Dragon Energy’.

I trust that everything always happens for a reason and that I also need to share here for all earth angels!

After having an amazing connection with my own and then sharing this information and process with my private VIEA mastermind, we had about 60 in the room with us!

Powerful energy indeed! (One member could actually see them and shared that!)

The main thing is We ALL have Dragon Guardians.

And we can connect with our own and use the Dragon Energy to help protect us and do more good in the world.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Link for full article:

Shared with love and light
Sarah xxx Continue reading ›

Guest Post – Accepting Who I am

Sharing this beautiful post by a beautiful angel Carla Moore, who lives in the US
Love and light
Sarah xxx


Acceptance is part of healing.

I was watching a documentary on line the other day, The Living Matrix, and I was inspired by a lady who was sick with a cancerous tumor. She decided to accept the tumor and focus on what the situation was trying to teach her in life.

I had never really thought of that. The immediate reaction is to complain, feel sorry for your self and try desperately to find a solution to it all.

You see I have this form of alopecia (the thinning and loss of hair). Continue reading ›