Recommended Resources for Earth Angels

Earth Angel Morning Meditation

8 Minute Meditation to get you:
to Source Energy
* And set an INTENTION for an amazing day!
Instant Download Only £9.97

Energy M.O.T - Meditation of Transformation

Guided Energy Clearing Meditation and Worksheet
* Clears Psychic Energy Attacks
* Clears Psychic Hooks and Cords
* Clears Spirit Attachments
* Clears negative energy not yours
* Calls in all your lost energy from all time and space
Investment only £27

Healer, Heal Thyself Program

Powerful energy clearing program:
* Clears past life blocks
* Clears not valuing yourself
* Clears not allowing
* Clears need to understand everything first
* Reclaims your power!
Instant Download Only £97

Join me at the Earth Angel Sanctuary

Spiritual growth sanctuary for earth angels by Sarah Rebecca Vine, Earth Angel Coach, Mentor, Messenger, Spiritual Teacher and Healer * 3 Live group calls each month
* Private Members Group on Facebook
* Over 180 Videos and audios * Energy, Emotion and Past Life Vow Clearing Library
* Rituals and How To Tutorial Libraries
* FREE Askashic and Astrology Reading
* Exclusive discounts for members
* PLUS so much more!!!
Membership £44 per month
Join here now

Highly recommend the Amazing Earth Angel Series books

Here is selection of a few of my favorite books