Recommended Earth Angels

Tara Perlaki

Michelle Gordon

Michelle is the author of 'The Earth Angel Training Academy' and the 'Visionary Collection' Series. For Earth Angel Sanctuary members, Michelle has gifted her book 'The Earth Angel Training Academy', which is a must read for all earth angels!.

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Sue Cook

Sue Cook BSc (Hons) Lic LCCH

Sue Cook BSc (Hons) Lic LCCH specializes with helping children with any spectrum disorders and trains practitioners in neuro development

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Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan is my friend, collegue and personal 'go to' man when I have had a shock. An expert in Chronic Pain, Jonathan is an author of his new ground breaking book: Decoding Pain: The Emotional Blueprint To Healing Your Chronic Pain. He is also a contributer at the Earth Angel Sanctuary sharing videos on the true cause for specific pains.

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Sandi Lipowski

Sandi Lipowski

Sandi is a spiritually guided Counselor/Life Coach for the emotional, physical, and mentally abused. She has been guided down this painful path herself first to now be able to guide others to peace within. Sandi also offers mini Akashic readings for members of the Earth Angel Sanctuary

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Tara Perlaki

Tara Perlaki

Tara is an amazing Kinesiologist and has also contributed her 7 Top 'Spiritual First Aid' Techniques for members of the Earth Angel Sanctuary that she shares with private clients as so simple and effective.

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Jane Ritson

Jane Ritson

A Psychological and Spiritual Astrologer, Jane offers members a FREE Birth Chart Snapshot Astrology Reading, plus offers exclusive member only discounts on other readings plus shares suggested Flower Essences for our Sun Signs and for each New Moon of 2016.

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Trisha Gelder

Trisha G

A Life Path 9, Trisha G is an Humanitarian, Intuitive, Clairvoyant/ Clairsentient , Numerologist, Neimologist & Life Coach. Trisha has contributed information for members on how to find their life Purpose Number so they can gain more insight into themselves.

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Melissa Schooling

Melissa Schooling

Melissa specialises in assisting others be beautiful now, with the inner and outer work

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Simply Ruth

Ruth Smith

Ruth helps heart centered earth angels to get their message out into the world in an aligned and loving way

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Please Note: I am NOT an affiliate of any of the above recommended Earth Angels. They have either been private clients with myself in the past or my personal friends and I share them because I love what they do and the gifts they bring to the world.